Samsung - Make It With Nile


Make It With Nile

20th December 2022

Making it in music has changed. No longer is it singing in a pub to three people until you get scouted. Now you can make it overnight with one 15 second video.

We created a mini-documentary series ‘Make it With Nile Rodgers’ for Samsung and StemDrop – Simon Cowell’s new talent seeking platform on TikTok.

The legendary Nile Rodgers, meets the next generation of musicians who have all ‘made it’ overnight using nothing but their phones, TikTok and their raw talent. Filmed in Real World Studios, this mini-docu-series explores how things in the music industry have (or haven’t) changed over the years, covering songwriting, sampling, collaboration and showmanship.

Get ready to hear exclusive stories, TikTok tips and live jamming sessions.