IKEA - Wildhomes for Wildlife


Wildhomes for Wildlife

11th March 2019

To celebrate the launch of IKEA Greenwich – our most sustainable store – we’ve teamed up with local artists to create a series of incredible animal homes, made using upcycled IKEA furniture. Now all of our new neighbours can enjoy an amazing home. Even our furry, feathered and flying friends.

Dom by Supermundane

Colourful and graphic, artist Supermundane’s bold bird house was built from an old IKEA INDUSTRIELL shelving unit. The entrance is the perfect size for small birds like blue tits, giving them easy access to the nesting box at the back.

Bughattan by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Bold, bright and eye-catching, artist Adam Nathaniel Furman’s wildhome is the insect city that never sleeps. Solitary bees and wasps love having a cosy hole to nest in, so the colourful tower has holes throughout. It was created using old IKEA EKBACKEN and HAMMARP worktops.

Fladdermösshus by Studio Weave’s Je Ahn

Je Ahn is the founder of award-winning architecture company Studio Weave. His stunning suspended structures were painted black to provide extra warmth for bats looking to roost. Amazingly, the homes were made from old IKEA KVISTBRO metal tables.

Honey I’m Home! by Hattie Newman

Colourful and quaint, artist Hattie Newman has outdone herself with this fabulous, Brazilian style bee village. The cluster of charming little houses were created out of an old IKEA BURVIK side table. They feature lots of little holes, perfect for solitary bees and wasps looking to nest.

Månstråle House by Beep Studio

The design studio’s arresting nesting pods were created from old IKEA STRÅLA lamp stands. The pods are positioned at the perfect height for nesting birds like blue tits and great tits.

Pipi by Supermundane

Graphic artist Supermundane has turned
his bold, colourful style to animal real estate. His bat house was created from an old IKEA INDUSTRIELL shelving unit. It has roughened surfaces inside to help bats get a good grip and roost during the day.

The Bug Bud by Iain Talbot

Designer Iain Talbot’s bright blue bug hotel was created from old IKEA chairs, along with leftover cladding from our new Greenwich store. Bug fanatics will be excited to hear that it’s the world’s first manmade vertical aggregate insect house. It’s filled with Thanet Sand – the perfect nesting material for mining bees and wasps.