- Dubai Presents...

Dubai Presents...

5th August 2021

You might not know it, but there are many, MANY sides to Dubai. You can go there for an action-packed adventure, a romantic city break, a holiday with mates, and much more. How on earth do you showcase this multiplicity? We decided to do it via movie genres, and to present the city as an entertainment property. So, armed with Hollywood director, Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya, Cruella) and Hollywood lovely people, Jessica Alba and Zac Efron, we created the Dubai Presents campaign. You’ll see Dubai as you have never seen it before, as Jessica and Zac act their way across the many genres of the city – starting with an adventure-filled Spy thriller. Be sure to visit the hub for the full Dubai Presents experience.

Did someone say vaycay? The latest instalment of Dubai Presents sees Zac and Jessica switch suitcases and itineraries our rom-com, A Romance to Remember.

Sometimes, you need to go on a Holiday to find yourself. In the latest instalment of our campaign for Dubai Tourism,  Zac Efron meets… Zac Efron.

Next up we’re travelling back in time. Take a look at Jessica Alba as she leaves Zac Efron to embark on an enlightening journey, pioneering the skies in the fourth instalment of our campaign.

Last but not least…‘A Riveting Mystery’. Clues, signs and a quest for answers… leave no stone unturned in Dubai.