DAM GOOD SNAPS: Hope & Strength ShelterBox

15th March 2018

Private Viewing of the ShelterBox Hope & Strength Photographic Series.

Four world-renowned photographers have travelled with ShelterBox’s disaster response teams to capture the hope and strength seen in families hit by conflict and natural disaster. This is a unique opportunity to see these powerful images in the stunning venue Downstairs at Mother, before they are auctioned to raise money to help more families who need our help.

TOM STODDART – One of the world’s most respected photojournalists is a veteran of documenting many of the most serious issues of our time.

VERONIQUE DE VIGUERIE – Multi-award winning French photographer experienced in taking photos in the Middle East and conflict areas across the world.

DOUGIE WALLACE – Internationally recognised for his long-term social documentary projects and a distinct direct style of expressive street photography.

OLLY BURN – London based photographer and director, lucky to be shooting in some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging locations.