Doritos - Make Your Play


Make Your Play

23rd June 2021

Doritos new #MakeYourPlay campaign invites snackers to express themselves freely and live a more playful life…because sometimes, to find the play in life you have to look at things a little differently. That’s how the iconic Doritos chip can become a play button.

This summer Doritos are turning it up, taking live music off pause and setting the stage for you to Make Your Play. Doritos have partnered with DICE so that music-starved fans can hit play on live music once again when restrictions ease. Fans are challenged to find Doritos Play buttons in posters across the UK and on social media channels, and scan them for the chance to unlock access to live music events.

The campaign will run across Western Europe on TV, social and print. To find out when the Make Your Play buttons are coming to your city, follow @Doritosuk and keep an eye on the Doritos Make Your Play webpage.